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E-Smile International Orthodontic Clinic has a history of over 20 years as a specialized orthodontic clinic. Dr. Arimoto, the director, is not only certified by the Japanese Orthodontic Association but also a full member of the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) and a full member of the Angle Society, the oldest orthodontic specialty organization in the world, often referred to as the father of modern orthodontics. Over the years, we have provided orthodontic treatment ranging from non-extraction treatment that maximizes the growth of children's dental arches to extraction treatment that emphasizes aesthetic goals, using multi-bracket wire braces. Since 2014, we have been committed to treatment using mouthpiece-type devices, and since 2017, Dr. Arimoto has been appointed as one of only 12 official Invisalign faculty members in Japan. Currently, we conduct guidance and lectures on mouthpiece orthodontic treatment both domestically and internationally.

Our Distinctive Features

We will show you through the unique features of our clinic from three perspectives: "Goal, Approach, and Support."


From the perspective unique to orthodontic specialists, we propose treatment goals that are acceptable to patients based on their individual personalities.

The most important aspect of orthodontic treatment is the diagnosis and goal setting tailored to each patient. Taking into account changes in growth and aging, including the positioning of bones and muscle activity, we conduct diagnoses that consider facial shape, tooth size, jaw size, gum condition, muscle function, respiratory and postural functions, occlusion, and aesthetic considerations. At E-Smile International Orthodontic Clinic, we provide diagnoses and treatments that are not dependent on devices, which cannot be offered by mouthpiece orthodontic specialist clinics. We leverage each patient's past to lead them toward the best possible future.


Patient treatment information is shared among all staff members. We approach treatment with a team-based approach at all times, including cooperation with specialists.

The treatment plan is discussed in conferences attended by all doctors. Furthermore, if cooperation with specialists is required, detailed discussions are held in joint conferences with periodontists, endodontists, prosthodontists, and cosmetic surgeons. By considering on the treatment plan with multiple doctors, we can avoid biased decisions and errors made by a single doctor and select the most rational treatment goals. The treatment plan and progress are shared extensively through a system that ensures immediate access for not only doctors but also hygienists and treatment coordinators. Patients can rest assured that regardless of which office they visit or which staff member is assigned, they will always have access to the most up-to-date treatment information.


Feel free to consult with the treatment coordinator about any concerns. We are here to fully support your treatment.

As you progress through a lengthy treatment, you may encounter various questions or concerns. On the other hand, doctors and hygienists may seem busy, making it difficult to ask even minor questions. In such cases, the treatment coordinator is here to assist you. Acting as a bridge between medical staff like doctors and hygienists and patients, the treatment coordinator understands the effectiveness of certain treatment devices, treatment procedures, and various aspects of treatment, often having experience with orthodontic treatment themselves. You can easily inquire about anything, whether in the office, over the phone, or via LINE, even if it's something you find difficult to ask the doctor or hygienist directly. You won't have to proceed with treatment while feeling anxious.

Treatment Philosophy

We aim to maximize “Oral Power,” the total power of chewing, cleanliness, and longevity by tailoring the individual personality of patients.

The treatment philosophy advocated by E-Smile International Orthodontic Clinic, known as "Oral Power," refers to the combined power of three elements representing oral health: functionality (chewing), aesthetics (cleanliness), and sustainability (longevity). Our orthodontic treatment is not merely about aligning teeth. Rather, the goal of orthodontic treatment is to maximize the balance of these three elements of "Oral Power" according to the individual personality of each patient.

Our History

E-Smile International Orthodontic Clinic has a history as a specialized orthodontic clinic spanning half a century. We have continuously enhanced our treatment techniques by incorporating the latest technology and pursuing a series of innovations.


Appointment as Align Technology Faculty

Align Technology, the provider of Invisalign, appoints doctors as faculty members to instruct other doctors who perform Invisalign treatment. Hirohide Arimoto was selected as a clinical speaker in 2017 and has since been invited to speak at various events.

  • 2017年のクリニカルスピーカーミーティング。当時日本のクリニカルスピーカーは12人であった。

Commencement of MAO Seminars

Invisalign is a cutting-edge technology that evolves daily. To realize the concept of Molar-Oriented Orthodontics (MOO) with Invisalign, we have made various efforts. We have officially started seminars to delve into this topic in depth. These seminars continue to evolve and are ongoing.

  • 台北大学での1日講演
  • 東京でのMAOセミナー

Invisalign Global 300 - Lecture at Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México

Following the meeting of the top 300 doctors worldwide organized by Align Technology in London, I proceeded to attend the Angle Society meeting in Santa Fe, USA. Subsequently, I delivered a lecture at the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México in Mexico City, making it a round-the-world trip for conference participation.

  • ロンドンでのGlobal 300 Doctors ミーティング
  • メキシコ自治大学における講演

The number of lectures both large and small throughout the year has reached 28, and now to the Umeda office.

Since the end of COVID-19 restrictions, I have been receiving numerous invitations to speak at various gatherings. In 2023, I was invited to speak at various conferences, including the World Lingual Orthodontic Society Congress, the Invisalign Summit in Singapore, the Taiwan Aligner Orthodontic Society, the Korean Orthodontic Society, and a one-day lecture at Osaka University. Additionally, due to the redevelopment near the Ashiya office, it was decided to relocate to HEP Navio in Umeda, and from 2024, it has been renewed as the Osaka Umeda E-Smile International Orthodontic Clinic.






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