The latest technology does not always guarantee the best treatment. But you must know what is available to make an informed choice. We provide access to the latest treatment options, choosing the best fit for each of our patients.

Orthodontic treatment based on the MOO philosophy

E-Smile International Orthodontics provides treatments with a treatment principle called MOO (Molar Oriented Orthodontics).

This approach correctly positions the rear teeth first, then proceeds to position the front teeth. It is based on the non-extraction method proposed by the legendary orthodontist Dr. Norman Cetrin of Boston University in the US. Dr. Arimoto learned this method from Dr. Greenfield, who was a direct student of Dr. Celtin. In many cases, this method makes it possible to align teeth without extracting premolars.

Tooth alignment generally changes throughout a person’s lifetime. In general, the teeth in the rear of the mouth tend to gradually tilt inward. The MOO technique is a treatment to restore the alignment of these rear teeth, which also makes it an anti-aging treatment. The orthodontist will design the tooth alignment of patients to give them a full, natural smile, with teeth visible across the entire length of the mouth.

Nonextraction treatment with MOO Philosophy. Light Accelerated Orthodontics using OrthoPulse® by 9 month.
From Enrikson 2001. Normal tooth alignment in an individual without orthodontic treatment, showing changes due to aging from 13 to 31 years old. The teeth slant forward with age.

Initial treatment for children


An examination should be performed to ensure that permanent teeth grow smoothly into place. This will answer questions about the location and direction of such teeth, whether baby teeth are obstructing their progress, and if any teeth are missing.


Any habits or mannerisms that could have a negative effect on the development of a patient's face or tooth alignment as they grow older should be addressed.


Correcting the bone structure of young patients.Postponing treatment until all permanent teeth have come in makes any corrections more difficult. An important goal of early treatment is to create a basis for future tooth alignment and allow for future procedures to be carried out smoothly if and when they are required.

From initial treatment to final treatment
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Advanced treatments and appliances

Invisalign is a cutting-edge orthodontic treatment that uses aligners to follow a digitally-created design for orthodontics. At E-Smile, we have a record of over 20 years of successful treatments, based on our non-extraction MOO philosophy. We have created our own modeling technology that utilizes light-accerelated orthodontic aligner treatment for optimal tooth movement and attachment shape. There are many orthodontic treatments that use mouthpieces, but Invisalign is next-generation treatment that applies traditional orthodontic knowledge and experience using digital modeling.

OrthoPulse (Light Accelerated Orthodontics)

The combination of Invisalign® and OrthoPulse® technologies allows for fast, painless orthodontic treatment, the world's first to use photobiomodulation for orthodontics. OrthoPulse®, invented by Canadian company Biolux Research, is one of the world's most advanced medical technologies, receiving FDA approval for medical use in the USA in the fall of 2015. Applied for 10 minutes per day in a patient's home, it uses intraoral near-infrared light to stiumulate mitochondria, which is said to decrease pain and speed the metabolism of the bone, thus speed of tooth movement. At E-Smile, it is not uncommon for the technology to cut healing time by one-half to one-forth of initial estimates. At E-Smile we began offering light-accerelated orthodontics in 2015 and became a pioneer in the field. We can proudly say that our high number of successful treatments puts us among the world leaders in the use of this technology for oral treatments.

Remote treatment using your smartphone and A.I.

This is the system that the patient take the intra-oral photos by their own smartphone and we can make sure that the treatment is proceeding properly every week remotely.

Dental monitoring proves particularly effective in orthodontic treatment, especially when combined with photobiomodulation (near-infrared) devices. Achieving a perfect fit of the mouthpiece (aligner) is crucial in near-infrared device usage, as doubling the speed of aligner replacement under poor fit conditions can rapidly worsen the fit. Therefore, by utilizing dental monitoring, it becomes possible to regularly check the fit every week, enabling safer and more reliable accelerated orthodontic treatment.

Interdisciplinary specialist treatment

When a tooth is pulled because it has a cavity, the surrounding area can become unstable, and dentists often recommend a large bridge or implant. But if tooth alignment is poor, it is impossible to implement such procedures properly without first applying an orthodontic treatment.

Coordinating between speicialists for interdisciplinary treatments E-Smile specializes in orthodontic treatments, but even in this field the pace of advancement is incredible, and our doctors attend conferences nearly every month, often traveling internationally. There is a limit to our ability to keep up with the latest developments in other areas as well, and so we have partnered with specialists in other fields to provide interdisplinary, results-based treatments for our patients. This allows us to implement the latest developments in a range of specialities and aim for safer, higher quality results.

Case: 59 years old, Male
Initial General dentist try to install dental implant. After Ordhotontic treatment Orthodontic treatment has done before implant treatment. Totally different result compare to implant only treatment.

Prevention, Cleaning, and Check-ups

Prior to Orthodontic Treatment

Once treatment begins, targeted areas have an increased risk from cavities and inflamation, due to food remnants and gaps in brushing. To reduce such risks, at E-Smile we review brushing techniques with our patients, beginning treatment after we are confident they can maintain their dental hygiene.

During Treatment

We conduct a thorough cleaning for all patients that visit our clinics during orthodontic treatment, because biofilm and plaque buildup on the tooth surface cannot be removed through brushing alone. We use specialized equipment and tools to clean each tooth individually and conduct a complete examination under magnification. This allows us to avoid missing conditions such as small cavities, and quickly deal with any issues as they arise.

After Treatment

After the orthodontic treatment, we apply a nano-hydroxyapatite solution to the surface of the teeth, which protects against stains and yellowing. This enamel also makes the surface of the teeth smooth and helps keep them clean.

FAP whitening, which also strengthens teeth

At E-Smile, we use a whitening technique developed by Dr. Kazue Yamagishi and featured in Nature magazine. FAP whitening uses fluorapatite, a form of strengthened calcium, to coat the teeth, so there is no weakening of the teeth over time.

Treatment Process

01.Initial Consultation

The initial consultation visit is approximately 60 minutes. We will take some x-rays, including intra-oral and facial photos. The orthodontist will then spend time discussing any findings, recommendations, and treatment options. The fee for this initial consultation is ¥5,000 plus tax.

02.Diagnostic Examination

To begin your orthodontic treatment, we need to take additional x-rays and perform oral digital scanning. This takes about 30 minutes, and costs ¥60,000 plus tax. Patients may book this appointment on the same date as the Initial Consultation, in which case the initial fee will be waived (advance appointment required).

03.Case Conference In Clinic

After analyzing the materials from the detailed examination, a case conference involving all doctors and treatment coordinators is held. Treatment policies are considered from various perspectives, and treatment goals and the devices to be used are discussed for each individual patient. Orthodontic treatment does not have just one correct answer. By incorporating the opinions of multiple doctors, a safer and more reliable treatment policy is sought and shared.

04.Joint Conference by Specialist Collaboration

For cases where collaborative treatment is necessary, such as in prosthodontics, periodontology, and endodontics, which cannot be resolved by orthodontic treatment alone, we bring together experts from other clinics and their specialized knowledge in each field to discuss the overall treatment plan. By pooling highly specialized knowledge, we can determine a treatment plan that is not limited to narrow expertise, share it with the doctors involved in the collaborative treatment, and proceed with the optimal treatment.

※Prosthodontics refers to the use of artificial devices such as crowns and dentures to restore missing or damaged teeth.

05.Discuss Treatment Plan

Your orthodontist will propose a custom orthodontic treatment plan. If there are multiple possible treatments, it is important to choose the one that best fits the needs of the patient, after discussing the advantages and disadvantages of each in detail.The most important thing is that you and your orthodontist have same goal for your treatment.

06.Preparatory dental treatment before orthodontic treatment

Before starting orthodontic treatment, it is necessary to address any dental issues such as treating cavities and extracting wisdom teeth. We will inform you whether pre-orthodontic dental treatment is required based on the shared diagnostic results.

07.Tooth Brush Instruction

A dental hygienist will check your brushing skills to reduce your risk of tooth decay before you begin your orthodontic treatment plan.

08.Let the Treatment Begin!

Your custom-made orthodontics appliance will arrive around a month after the custom design of your treatment plan.

09.Let's Move!

After your orthodontic appliance have been fitted into your mouth, you will visit our office once every one or two months. We even have patients that come from as far away as Beijing, Fukuoka, and Chiba. Remote patients usually visit us once every three months if there are no problems.

10.Congratulations! Remove your appliances!

At last, all of your braces or attachments will be completely removed.

11.Restorative treatment of teeth after orthodontic treatment

The size and shape of teeth vary from person to person. To achieve an ideal bite, it may be necessary to restore the surface of the teeth. These dental procedures should be consulted with a prosthodontist.


After the removal of your orthodontic appliances, you must wear a retainer to stabilize your teeth, so that they do not shift back to their original position. The retainer will be used only at night. Also, we recommend that you have a proffessional tooth cleaning every three-four months.

Fee and Payment Options

Initial Consultation 
¥5,500 (plus tax)

(includes consultation with a doctor, X rays, photos, personal Treatment Plan discussed with Treatment Coordinator)

Diagnostic Examination
¥66,000 (plus tax)

(If booked at the same time with Initial Consultation or within a month, Initial consultation fee will be reducted)

Orthodontic Treatment
  • Kids with early mixed dentition (1st Phase) ¥600,000 ~ ¥700,000 (plus tax)
  • Adults (2nd Phase) ¥1,100,000 〜 ¥1,400,000 (plus tax)

The above treatment fee is approximation. We set the total fee system, which means it includes the diagnosis fee, appliance fee, adjustment fee, etc. No monthly adjustment fee is required. After diagnosis, we indicate the final treatment cost.

Light Accelerated Orthodontics with OrthoPulse® (optional)
¥187,000 (plus tax)

Special treatment for pain reduction and treatment length reduction, which is ⅓ to ¼ treatment time.

Payment Options

Lump-sum Payment

  • Cash. Please use bank transfer. We set some discount for cash lump som payment.
  • Credit card. We accept VISA, JCB, Master Card, AMEX, Diners Club and DISCOVER.

Installment Payment

  • You can pay in 3 installments every 6 month.

Please ask special documentation for insurance company if you needed.

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