The Initial Consultation

For patients who would like to visit E-Smile. For patients that would like to have a consultation visit at E-Smile.
The initial consultation visit is approximately 60 minutes. In this appointment, the staff will take some x-rays, photographs of your mouth and face. The Orthodontist will also spend the time discussing the findings, recommendations, and treatment options. The fee for initial consultation will be ¥5,000 plus tax.

Course of the Initial Consultation

The main purpose of the first consultation is to relieve any concerns you may have before treatment begins. We will seek to answer all of your questions in order to make you feel confident and comfortable about starting your treatment.

Fee and required time

Initial Consultation

(reservation required)

¥5,500 (plus tax)

Approximately 60 minutes

Diagnostic Examination

(reservation required)

¥66,000 (plus tax)

Approximately 90 minutes

The first consultation will be free of charge, if a diagnostic examination is carried out on the same visit.

Important Notice

1.Do not smoke

Smoking has a very negative influence on the movement of the teeth. Movements are generated by the absorption by and increase of the alveolar bone around the root of the tooth, and during this period, blood flow plays an important role as a nutrient source for the bone. Smoking decreases this blood flow and obstructs the smooth function of the bone metabolism. Smoking also causes periodontal disease, and recent studies show that it causes various diseases in other parts of the body, including cardiovascular diseases. Orthodontic treatment is meant to be transformitive and allow you to become a healthier person. For these reasons, we ask that our patients give up smoking, a habit that harms their health in many ways.

2. Keep your mouth clean

During orthodontic treatment, please care for your teeth (brushing and flossing) properly to prevent tooth decay and periodontal disease. During your treatment with aligners, it is especially important not to have any food left on your teeth, or the aligner will not fit properly, hindering accurate teeth movement. At E-Smile, treatment can only begin after you receive instruction on proper brushing from one of our dental hygienists and then pass our brushing test (with a minimum brushing rate of 80%). In addition, excessive consumption of soft drinks that contain sugar, such as canned coffee and sports drinks, leads to the accumulation of dental plaque and should be avoided, as this can cause bacterial bleeding.

3. Please use the appliances as instructed

The proper use of aligners solely depends on the patients and requires 100% cooperation from you. Aligners and rubbers must be worn for more than 20 hours a day, ideally 22 hours or more. The treatment should be considered as the same as your studying or sport practices. Your effort is the key for satisfying results.

4. Some attachment to teeth is required。

Aligner treatment is not as visible as wire treatment, but that doesn't mean it works without being secured to your teeth. In order to ensure that an aligner can precisely control tooth movement, an "attachment" is affixed to the rear of the teeth using resin. The size and location of attachments is custom designed for each patient. Aligners are carefully fitted to attachments so that tooth movement can be controlled in three dimensions;.

The Initial Consultation

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